Hello Bingers!

It’s been a while has it not? Well, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write on. I could write about so many Originals, but I had a specific show my friend Kaylee recommended to me. She works a lot with children on the spectrum, so I knew that if she recommended this show, it had to be legit.

I was honestly reluctant to watch Atypical because I thought it was going to be another ABC Family-type drama series about the hardships of growing up with autism; I was oh so wrong. I guess I should’ve learned by now to never underestimate the power of Netflix.

Atypical is a wonderfully hilarious show about a high school student with autism, so of course there is the normal “growing up with autism” drama included in the show. However, the show focuses more on Sam, the main character, not struggling with conquering his autism but more living with it as a growing man trying to find love. This allows for the show to be both very comical but very real all at the same time.

“Dude, smile back!” -Zahid

To start, this show was so wonderful that I watched it in one day (there is only one season with eight episodes that are 30-minutes long.) And it’s not hard to binge either. For example, if you try to binge House of Cards, more power to you because that show takes so much mental capacity to try and keep up that I just couldn’t. I would rate the Binge Factor of House of Cards to be a good 4 because it’s possible but pretty hard; however, there are some episodes near the end of the seasons that make you feel the need to watch the next episode. On the other hand, with Atypical, its Factor would be a good 7 to 7.5 because it gives you enough drive to keep watching that you can’t stop, but if you need to stop, it’s not going to drive you crazy to not watch it either.

Atypical, like I mentioned before, is both comedic and very real. It’s comedic in the fact that Sam is trying to figure out how to “practice love” to make his therapist, Julia, fall for him, which love is a real challenge for many people with autism anyways, but it is so funny in the fact that the sources he tries to gain this knowledge from are just horrible. Sam tends to rely on his friend Zahid, whom he works with, but Zahid is the ridiculous sex-crazed nerd that thinks he’s way hotter than he is. Let’s just say Zahid is literally the Tom Haverford of this show (Parks and Rec reference.) Sam even resorts to having “practice” girlfriends so that he can work his way up to Julia which is adorable but also giggleable (this isn’t technically a word, but I’m making it one.)

Translations: “Oh yes, she is perfect.” What comes next is a weird montage of Zahid dancing on this obviously taken woman to try and “steal” her.

Other than Sam, the show includes family drama as well because what would a show be if there weren’t other working parts? Sam has his mom Elsa, his dad John, and his sister Casey; however, his mom has quite a hard time coming to terms with Sam wanting to try and date girls. His dad is wanting to try and build more of a connection with Sam. Casey is a track superstar that is trying to juggle being a teenage girl, having a boyfriend, and having to keep an eye on her brother at school. Even Julia, his therapist has her own side-drama, and let’s just say she’s in an unfortunate situation as a woman.

Out of all of the characters, Casey is by far my favorite though. If I told you why, it might give away some things, but this show is definitely against bullying, and I love it. Casey is just a good person all around and does the best she can with the situations at hand, and trust me, her mom is just one big situation that she has to deal with.



I will hands-down tell you that I seriously loath Elsa, Sam’s mom. Her decisions are just… horrible. Like, sure, she’s under a lot of pressure (mainly brought on by her own doing), but the decisions she makes are, in my book, unforgivable.

The beginning of the worst decision ever. I dislike you Elsa. I dislike you oh so much. #SorryNotSorry

Other than that, this show is just so darn cute! The storyline is great with just the perfect amount of comedy v. drama v. love. Also, Sam has an obsession with Antarctica and it’s just so adorable and fascinating how interested he is in penguins. 🙂 I also want to point out that Paige, the practice girlfriend, looks creepily like Kimmy from Full House, so that’s really fun too.

From my perspective, this is definitely a show you need to binge. College students, this is your “get out of studying for free but with consequences” card. Parents, this is your “Thank God it’s the weekend!” card. And for recent college graduates still looking for a job (HEY THAT’S ME!), this is your “What do I do now?” card. Take it, run with it, binge it, then be happy to know that there’s a Season 2 coming THIS AUGUST! vo60v

Well guys, that is all I have for you right now, but I have more to come for sure! I love you bingers!

Binge on!!


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DO YOU SEE THE RESEMBLANCE! They both even have very unique senses of style. You can’t tell me you don’t see it!

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