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For all of my horror and thriller fanatics, this is the post you want to tune into.

Good day Bingers!

I know. It’s been a while since I last wrote for you, but now that I’ve officially graduated college, I’m all yours.

I feel like the past few shows that I’ve written about have all been great, but none of them have catered to one particular area: horror. So for all of my horror and thriller fanatics, this is the post you want to tune into.

For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter (you should because I retweet funny stuff @TisSarahBarah), I ran a poll a few weeks back asking which Netflix Original I should write about. It ended up being a tie between two shows, but to be completely honest, I literally found a show two seconds after posting the poll. I just could NOT resist telling you about it, so screw the poll! We are going in a totally opposite direction.

This week, it is my pleasure to write about Slasher. What is it? It is only one of the best horror shows I’ve seen in a long while. I personally believe that it could (and should) have a pedestal between American Horror Story and Scream.


I know, a lot of you might be like, no way. There is no way it was as good as American Horror Story. Honestly, it probably doesn’t beat Coven, Horror House, or Asylum, but let’s face it. AHS seems to have lost its path recently, and no one seems to know where it’s going (and never with ANY answers), unlike Slasher. This show, even with only two seasons, knows its path. Like AHS, every season is different. There is only one reoccurring character that I noticed, but the seasons are unrelated.

Now why did I mention Scream before? If you haven’t watched Scream, I highly suggest that you do because MTV brings the old slasher film into modern day with a very gory tv show, and it’s very good. Not once was I ever able to guess the ending of any season, and that is what happened with Slasher. It was horrifyingly gory and so unexpected in the best ways.

Exhibit A: Human entrails wrapped around a snowman. 🙂

I just really want to give two thumbs up to the story line though because it’s just really well done. When I watch shows, I’m not exactly a critic. I don’t usually notice small plot holes, so if there were some, I totally missed them because I was too entranced with trying to guess the ending. Guessing the ending was like trying to figure out the ending of an episode of Sherlock. You just can’t do it. In season 1, I had suspicions, but it took a totally twisted turn. Season 2…. oh man. It is just NUTS!

Now, this show did not originate from Netflix directly. It was originally released in Canada on Super Channel and in America on Chiller. Netflix then came in and wrapped its hands around Slasher for season 2, and I’m so glad they did. If it hadn’t been released on Netflix, the world would have been deprived from knowing such an amazing show.

Like I said earlier, this show is a great thriller/slasher, but it also tugs on the heart strings, and I think that’s what makes this show so well done. The backbone to every great horror film and horror show is not the gore, it’s the great story line, and that’s what this show has in both seasons. Yeah, maybe one of the actresses accent slips a lot in the first season, but who cares!? I had so much fun with this show that it was easy to look past.

So to Aaron Martin, the creator of this amazing show, well DONE and THANK YOU! You can bet that I’m advocating via social media for a season 3! AHS might have the cult following (ha! See what I did there), but Slasher, I hope, is next.

Binge On!

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