The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post, but life has been taking it’s toll recently. Thank goodness this isn’t my job or else I’d definitely be fired by now. Oops

Anyways, since my last binge post, I’ve kept up the deed to commit to Netflix Originals, so I have quite a few blog posts to provide to you over the next few weeks! #InsertGolfClaps

For today, I want to give you my take on Marvel’s beloved Daredevil. Now, to say that I was completely blown away probably isn’t the best way to say it because I wasn’t completely blown away; however, it definitely was a great show.

I think the part that I wasn’t a fan of was how similar it was to Arrow. Honestly Marvel? I know that you and DC have a life-long battle raging between you two, but chill with the vigilante battle.

Also, can I just mention that Wilson Fisk STILL IS NOT DUBBED KINGPIN YET! I’m sorry, but come on! I hate being kept waiting for characters to get their “name.” I mean, it took the whole first season for Daredevil to get that name. Before that, we had to deal with “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.”

I also disliked the fact that Vincent D’Onofrio was barely in Season 2. I know that Fisk is supposed to be in jail and everything, but Fisk was literally the life blood of Season 1. I’m literally OBSESSED with D’Onofrio now, so why did they take him away!

Shameless plug: Tune into NBC every Friday 9/8c to watch Emerald City because IT’S FREAKING AMAZING! Also, Vincent D’Onofrio stars as the Wizard. #Swooning #EmeraldCity #NotNetflixButItsOkay


I mean, yes, I LOVED having the Punisher and Elektra included in Season 2, but I didn’t really see any consistency with the story line in Season 2. I felt like they were pulling other people’s *cough* Elektra’s *cough* problems into the season to give it any substance.

Okay, now that I’m finished ranting about how I wasn’t a fan of Season 2, let me just say I do really love this show! I love how Marvel’s is really tying all of their shows together like DC does on the CW. But I also appreciate how I don’t have to watch all of the shows to understand what’s happening. For example, DC is really bad about forcing you to watch an episode of the Flash to understand what’s going on in Arrow. If I don’t watch the Flash, I don’t want to have to go watch it’s episode to understand the next episode of Arrow. So, Marvel’s reinvents this idea with the casual mentions of their other shows. They don’t bridge the storylines and make me confused.

Also, let me just say that Daredevil’s suit is every sort of BAD ASSERY.

JUST LOOK AT IT! UGH YES! I’m not sure what that material, but that helmet has me all sorts of swooning for him.

I also must add that the fighting scenes are always fun to watch. Maybe not as fun as Marco Polo, but it’s still up there. Makes me feel like I need to learn Kung Fu… or just how to fight in general….

Like, this guy will end your being (not really because he doesn’t kill) in a dark corridor. It’s literally straight out of a nightmare, but that’s what makes it amazing. 

Okay, last thing: the Foggy, Karen, and Matt love…. thing? When you watch this, you’ll probably be SUPER confused as to who Karen is supposed to end up with. My little heart is also confused, so don’t feel too bad. Like… I want her to be with Foggy. The nerdiest of nerds! He deserves a super pretty woman for as much as he has to put up with (aka. being Matt’s/Daredevil’s friend and constantly having anxiety over him dying.)

Just look at them guys. Karen and Foggy forever. But Karen for some reason wants to be with Matt, and I totally disagree because Matt needs to be with Elektra #ShamelessPlug

Here is my reason why though. Matt is not normal. He’s all sorts of screwed up in the brain, and that’s not healthy if he wants to be in a relationship. Especially considering the fact that he’s secretly a badass vigilante at night! Foggy is super normal and down to earth. He’s perfect for Karen! COME ON KAREN. DON’T BE STUPID KAREN.

So, for Matt, he just needs to be with Elektra. SPOILER: She’s 100% not dead. I feel it in my bones. Also, Elektra is JUST as screwed up as Matt Murdock, so they’re perfect 🙂 Also, they are two bad asses that just need to be together. (Even if Elektra has a weird addiction to killing people?)

But in the end, this was a pretty decent show. I was casually waiting for Luke Cage or Jessica Jones to jump into the scene at any moment, but that’s okay. Still holding out for Season 3 (sadly doesn’t come to us until 2018 #RIP).

What is my rating for it then? On Netflix, I gave it 3 stars just because I didn’t appreciate Season 2 enough I guess. If they bring back Kingpin/Wilson Fisk in Season 3, I will gladly change my opinion ❤ Because he is #bae.


Well, that’s all for now folks.
Binge on!


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