Gilmore Girls: The Last 4 Words

Hellooooo Bingers!

I bet you thought you were getting rid of me! But NOPE! There’s just too may great Netflix Originals to share with my faithful, fellow Bingers ❤

So, I know I’m probably already behind (even though it was released 3 days ago), but Gilmore Girls has once again taken our hearts by storm. Bless you Netflix for reviving our broken hearts.

So, rumor has it that the ending of the original Gilmore Girls didn’t exactly happen the way it was supposed to because Amy Sherman-Palladino (the director) and her husband Daniel Palladino (writer) could no come to an agreement with the CW, the network that aired the show. The rumor is that Amy purposely ended the original series on a major cliff-hangar because she wanted to take up the operation again one day in the future. But that’s all rumor and tabloids.

What we do know is that Netflix released 4, 1.5 hour episodes as an extension of Gilmore Girls. It has all the same actors and follows the storyline perfectly as a followup to the lives of the Gilmore women. However, Sookie (Melissa McCarthy), is only a guest in the 4 episode #HeartBreak Why did she have to become an international superstar/my spirit animal?

I think I stayed up until 3:30am last night trying to finish the series…
giphybut I ended up falling asleep and having to watch the rest throughout today. It was definitely worth it though. The ending was SPECTACULAR, so I of course had to write a follow-up blog. Like…. I’m not kidding. I about pee’ed my pants when the last four words were spoken.
giphy1Of course, I’m not going to spoil the ending for you , but I can tell you that it’s a definitely a shocker! So, with such a huge ending to the miniseries, there HAS to be a second season…. right? They can’t just leave us like that!emily-gilmore-girls-6515If they don’t have a second season, I will revolt. WE NEED ANSWERS PRONTO! giphy2I’m honestly not sure I can wait forever for them to film another season and them put it on Netflix. My heart just doesn’t work like that.

I will admit though, it was so nice getting to spend 2 days of my life getting to catch up with the lovely people of Star’s Hollow. People that aren’t Gilmore Girls’ fans just don’t understand.
nuaemtksvuoxIt really is a religion and lifestyle. Though both the Gilmore Girls may get on my ever-loving nerves sometimes, you just get attached to them, and when the series ended originally, it was as if my life was turned upside down. I ended up in that horrible #ShowHole. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was never going to get to know anything more about the people in the show. That was it, but here we are guys! Left with the craziest cliff hangar ever, and we just need to know more! So, Netflix, this is my plea. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!

That is all this Gilmore Girls lover needs. I need answers!

Alright. I am done with my soapbox. So, I first encourage you to watch Gilmore Girls if you have not seen it. Second, you must watch the new episodes because they are so amazing! Totally worth the time. And hey, it’s the week before Finals. You deserve a break 😉

Cath ya next time Bingers!

XOXO Sarah Hocott


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