Hello fellow Bingers! I’m kind of sad because this is our last week for blog posts as a class requirement; however, I’ve come to really enjoy writing these blogs, so this definitely is not my last post! Also, with amazing new shows such as A Series of Unfortunate Events coming soon, I’m far too stoked to keep writing.

Okay, so for my last blog post, I’m writing about a very low-key show called Marco Polo. It’s about Marco Polo getting taking captive by Kublai Khan during the end of the 13th century.

If you don’t know who Kublai Khan is, he was a prominent leader of the Mongol Empire that overtook the Chinese Empire, the Song Dynasty. The Mongols were a war-like people; however, they are a big reason for the trade along the Silk Road to Venice and the western world.

This is Kublai in the show.
This is an actual drawing of the real Khan.

This show is actually very accurate with the historical facts. I mean, let’s face it. I’m always impressed with how accurate Netflix tends to be with their history facts. As a student that got a 5 on the AP World History test, I’m proud of them ❤

So you’re probably wondering what the show is actually about. Well, it’s all about Marco during his time as a captive of Kublai Khan in China. His dad is basically a dead-beat that gave him up to Kublai so that they wouldn’t die. Yeah. That’s pretty messed up. THEN! His dad COMES BACK and screws everything up AGAIN! Surprise.

The best part of this show is how much bad assery comes from the women.

shsh-1Excuse the nudity, but this woman is my favorite woman. SHE KICKS SO MUCH BOOTY! Like, women may have been seriously oppressed in China during this time, but this show makes up for that. However, there is quite a bit of prostitution, and no matter how many times I say I would drop out to become a stripper, I would never actually do it or condone it…

Besides that, this show is full of fighting, war, diplomacy, treason, and kung fu. marco-polo-episode7-fight

It’s a pretty intense show to say the least. The acting is great. The story line is intense, and it’s very well done on almost every level!

So, that is all I have for you guys this week! Have a wonderful rest of the semester to my group members that are reading my blog, and good luck with the rest of your college experience! To those of you just tuning in for fun every week, I won’t be posting every week most likely, but watch out for my next blog post 🙂

Binge on my friends!

Sarah Hocott


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