The Crown + Matt Smith <3

Hello Bingers! What a lovely Fall it’s turning out to be! It’s only taken about 2 months for Mother Nature to realize that it was November, but we are here! So, this week, I took to a brand new Netflix Original, The Crown. The Crown was a heavily anticipated series that Netflix marketed pretty heavily, and if you didn’t see anything about it, that’s okay! I’m here to help!

I’m going to be honest when I say that they only reason I decided to watch it was because I saw that Matt Smith was in it. If you don’t know who he is, he played the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who (only one of my favorite shows EVER and happens to be British as well?)

This is our jolly good Matt Smith. I actually have a signed photograph of this exact picture from him. It was totally worth the money.

Anyways…. okay. So besides my fangirling here over Matt Smith, I must say, the Crown was very intriguing. It takes place during the 1950’s and follows Queen Elizabeth from the beginning of her reign. It shows the struggles that she faced as a new queen, and it is very historically correct. The series includes Winston Churchill as well, but it focuses on the end of his reign as Prime Minister.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve never been one to take interest in British politics, but this was so well done. There is the perfect mix between familial and political drama. But the art behind the acting is what truly captured me. The acting is just phenomenal!

On the left is Queen Elizabeth II’s mother played by Victoria Hamilton. Then there is Queen Mary, Elizabeth II’s grandmother played by Eileen Atkins. Next is the Duke of Windsor, the previous King Edward until he abdicated the throne, played by Alex Jennings. Then there is the lovely Matt smith who plays Elizabeth II’s husband Philip! Then there’s Queen Elizabeth II played by Claire Foy. Then there is Princess Margaret played by Vanessa Kirby. Next to her is Peter Townsend played by Ben Miles. Of course there is Winston Churchill next to him played by John Lithgow. And then there is Anthony Eden played by Jeremy Northam.

Really, the only two people in the show I knew about before I watched it were Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill, so if you don’t know more than that, do worry! #USA

But as I was saying, the acting in this series is phenomenal. I give all of the golden stars to these actors. Their portrayal of their characters were flawless. Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) could have literally been the Queen. Every emotion, every facial expression, every move and word that she said, it all felt so real. There is not an actress on this earth that could have done this part better. Matt Smith (Philip) and John Lithgow (Winston Churchill) were also my other two favorite actors in this show. Matt Smith’s part was basically to be the husband trying to live in his wife’s shadow. He convey’s the emotions so well through his demeanor and the inflections of his voice throughout the show. The same goes for Jong (Winston). Man, I would’ve never guessed that Churchill was so stubborn, but after doing some reading, Lithgow gets Winston to a TEA! Churchill was nicknamed a Bulldog, and John gives us the perfect vision of this Bulldog if he were still on earth today. I just really want to hand it to all of the actors. They just did a phenomenal job.


Next I want to say how interesting it was just to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II and how British Parliament works. It’s quite frustrating honestly, and by the end, I was so stressed out for the Queen that I wanted to punch every person in Cabinet, but I can’t because they are basically all gone anyways.

This show basically highlights the struggle that Elizabeth had with being a wife, sister, and daughter while also having to be the Queen. Literally, you can see that there is a divide in her. She is supposed to put her country before all else, but when you’re a mother, wife, daughter, and sister, it’s hard. She finds herself in so many situations where she wants to put her husband and family first, but she has to also be the Queen.

It’s heartbreaking to see how being the Queen really isn’t amazing. Honestly, after watching this show, I want to go hug the Queen and tell her how strong of a woman she has been and how sorry I am that she’s had to endure this position for over 50 years.

Of course, I also wanted to punch Winston Churchill many times as well. I was quite surprised to find how irritating he was. I was also irritated by all of the dumb rules that they British have. Okay, maybe they aren’t dumb, but goodness. There are so many minute details that shouldn’t matter, but they sure do matter to them!

But, anyways. If you’re not into a show that doesn’t have action, I probably wouldn’t suggest watching this. It would probably bore you to death, but that’s perfectly fine! Next week, I will have a great show for you 😉

Alright, I’ll let you go now!

Binge on!

XOXO Sarah Hocott



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