The Black Mirror….?


Welcome Bingers!

For this week, I have a very interesting show for you guys. It’s called Black Mirror. Now, last week I told you about a show that originally began in Australia. Well, this one began in the United Kingdom. It was first aired on Channel 4, and Netflix decided to take it upon themselves to but into the show and help it out.

The show consist three seasons so far. The first season has three episodes, the second season has four episodes, and the third season has six episodes. The third season which just came out was originally supposed to have twelve episodes, but they pushed it down to six. Not sure why, but I think it was a good decision on their part personally. European shows are usually known for having very few episodes per season, so it kind of keeps the UK vibe. Also, all of the shows (mainly) are one hour long except for the Christmas special “White Christmas” from season two and the last episode of season three, “Hated in the Nation.”

Now… I can’t really explain what this show is honestly. It’s so different from the shows today. This series has no main story line. Each show is completely different with different actors and different stories. The only thing that stays the same is the fact that they are all about futuristic technology, but each episode focuses on a different type of technology. For example, one episode focuses on a gaming system that connects with your brain to make the game feel real. Another episode is about a society where people ride bikes to gain points, and they use these points to buy things. It ranges from more modern technology like social media to very futuristic technology such as a virtual reality where old people can decide to “pass over to” and live forever instead of dying.

I tell you that it’s a weird show, but it’s SO GOOD! The meme that I have placed at the top really sums up how I felt watching this series. I just felt a little uneasy because most of the technology that is introduced could be possible in our lifetime, and it usually ends up bad… There are probably three episodes that leave you with a comfortable ending.

For example, the VERY FIRST EPISODE that I watched was about a hacker that kidnapped a princess. The hacker posts a video saying that the Prime Minister has to either have sex with a pig on live television or else the princess will be killed on a live feed accessible by the public. How comfortable do you think I felt? Not very comfortable at all.

Me watching that episode.

But in the end, this is definitely a top show. It’s a great show if you don’t want to take on another series that you have to keep up with. You can watch an episode if you get bored, wait two weeks, watch another. It’s not something you have to keep up with. It’s so magical because there is no commitment like if you decided to watch Grey’s Anatomy or Supernatural.

Also, the technology that they introduce in each episode is crazy cool! It’s funny because I’m currently taking my Managing Systems and Technology course right now, so I know how a lot of these technologies that they use are classified and such. Never let anyone tell you that a class won’t be useful because it just might help you understand a Netflix show lol!

Anyways, this show, even though it’s not a commitment, it’s still addicting. Once you start, you’ll want to watch the next episode because you’ll want to see what they come up with next! It’s so addicting in fact that there is quite a cult following for the show, and I can now proudly say that I’m a part of the Black Mirror cult! (Still haven’t figured out why it’s call Black Mirror).

This was me watching the show.

So, that’s all I have for you for now. Please check out this show in your free time! It’s definitely worth it, it’s low commitment, and it’ll probably make you reevaluate technology *insert thumbs up here*.

But that’s all I have for you for now my Bingers!

Binge on!

XOXO Sarah Hocott

P.S. Enjoy this trailer ❤


5 thoughts on “The Black Mirror….?

  1. Haven’t seen it, but it sounds like a similar format to Twilight Zone…. Also, I’d like to know if you’ve seen Stranger Things. I hear its’ excellent, but my binging abilities are nearly non-existent lol


      1. Ah. Well, I was going to say it reminds me a lot of that movie, but no matter! It’s a great show, and I highly recommend it! It’s not a huge commitment since it’s only one season as well.


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