The Lived, They Died, They Rose Again

GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH! HOLY CRAP! For only 6 episodes, this new series on Netflix literally has me dead (lol). There is currently only 1 season, and it only has 6, 1-hour episodes.

So background, this is once again one of those series that didn’t actually start on Netflix. This was originally aired in Australia, but it has been renewed for a second season, and it will be filmed in partner with Netflix.

I literally watched all 6 episodes in one night because I was so entrenched with the show.

  1. I LOVE FOREIGN ACCENTS! And this show has the accents fo’ sure!
  2. Dead people come back to life and they ARE NOT ZOMBIES (YAY! Because I’m not a zombie fan. It’s just too overdone)! Like, they just come back to life randomly. They’re from different times in history and have no relations (that we know of).

For 6 episodes, this show packs a punch! Like…. dang. It may not be the most original idea, but I think it screams potential to be a VERY good show. There is a great mix between suspense, drama, romance, and humor.

My favorite character has to be Paddy Fitzgerald. He is the founder of the town of Yoorana and was its first mayor. He’s one of the guys that comes back to life, and he is on a mission to rebuild his fortune. He’s quite hilarious. If I could find some memes or gif’s for the show, I would definitely be posting them, but sadly I can’t find any. (silently crying inside.)

If you watch the show though, the only fact I find unsettling is that the town seems very empty. You don’t see many residents, and for people to just randomly coming back to life, it makes me wonder why there’s only 1 kid, 1 of 3 cops, and a doctor that are the only people that know about the people that come to life. Like, you’d think there’d be some kind of news station that would at least report on the graves being empty or messed with or something. I don’t know. But it’s whatever lol.

The acting is all very well done. None of it seems staged or awkward. The story line is very easy to follow, and the end of the last episode literally leaves you with so many unanswered questions. I literally feel like it gave me a “Pretty Little Liars Ending”. That means it left me with a few questions being answered, but it left me with far more questions than it actually answered.

So this is my requirement of the next season…

More episodes and more episodes. Also, MORE PUBLICITY! This series has so much potential!! So Netflix’s marketing dept. really needs to market this show hard because it truly deserves it!

And because I loved this show so much, I’m going to add the trailer for the show as well (even though it doesn’t do it justice).

Alright my lovely Bingers. That’s all I have for you this week. I know, strange for me to have this posted so early, but I have 2 tests and a paper due this week and a sorority retreat this weekend, so I needed to get this done early.

Happy Binging peeps!

XOXO Sarah Hocott



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