The Borgias…The “Not Really An Original” Original Show

“If you don’t have the stomach for this spectacle, you’ll find that Spain lies that way.”

-Juan Borgia

Hi Bingers!

So last week in my post, I admitted that I was waiting to write my review on Borgia because I hadn’t finished it. Well, I still have yet to finish it, but I’m almost done with Season 2!

A little backstory to why I chose this show:

Last summer I traveled to Italy with UCA Study Abroad, and I lived there for a month. While there, I attained an immense obsession with Renaissance Italian families. Don’t ask why, but I just did. I fell in love with the Medici family from the beginning as they are one of the most important pieces of Florentine history during the Renaissance. However, there is also the Borgia family; however, they were based mainly in Spain and Rome.

The Borgia have been written throughout history to be one of the most cut-throat families during the Renaissance. They knew what they wanted, and they did everything they could to get it. They didn’t mind killing a few, maiming some others, and blackmailing the highest of men in the Catholic church. They were ruthless, and when they gained power, they ruled ruthlessly.

This show does an impeccable job of showcasing this family; however, even though I may hate them with a passion, this show makes you love them (but not all of them). #JuanCanJumpOffACliff THIS SHOW ALSO HAS A TON OF NUDITY (MALE AND FEMALE) BECAUSE IT WAS RELEASED IN EUROPE BEFORE IT WAS ON NETFLIX!!!!! 

The show follows Rodrigo Borgia (known as Pope Alexander VI in history), his sons Cesare and Juan, and his daughter Lucrezia.

From left to right, Vannozza dei Cattenei, Juan Borgia, Giulia “La Bella” Farnese, Rodrigo Borgia (Alexander VI), Lucrezia Borgia, Cesare Borgia, and Adriana de Mila

Vannozza dei Cattenei and Rodrigo are the parents of Juan, Cesare, and Lucrezia Borgia. In the show, Rodrigo had Vannozza married off to another man and told her to tell Juan, Cesare, and Lucrezia that he was their uncle because he couldn’t have bastard children if he was to become Pope one day. Vanozza loves her children (ish?) Mainly Cesare and Lucrezia.

Juan Borgia is the biggest jerk-face on the face of the planet. He deserved everything he got.

Giulia Farnese is basically Rodrigo’s mistress. They don’t marry, but they have a child together. She’s stone cold, and I’m not surprised that she found herself attracted to a Borgia. She tries to get Rodrigo to marry her off, but Rodrigo is so obsessed with her that he “marries her off,” but goes back and frames the man for murder. Her nose is pointy.

Rodrigo Borgia is a cold hearted man that stops at nothing to become Pope, rule Rome, and conquer all of Italia. He blackmails the Cardinals to get what he wants, he causes wars, and so much more just to keep his office. Though assassination is attempted, it hasn’t succeeded so far. He’s a horrible person more or less, but you somehow find yourself rooting for him.

Lucrezia Borgia is the poor daughter. All she wants is to find a man and fall in love. Too bad for her that her father is Rodrigo and basically carts her off to any man that he can use to get his way. Lucrezia truly did love a man, but too bad Cesare had to end that one. Lucrezia also attempts to become a nun, but that definitely didn’t work out. Though she is immature and annoying, I find that her character is the true epitome of what it meant to be a woman in Rome. How tragic.

Cesare Borgia is the son of Rodrigo, and he also rises in the Catholic Church to become a Cardinal. But he doesn’t like that. He hates being a Cardinal and wants to become a king instead. He’s super jealous of Juan and the fact that Juan was Rodrigo’s favorite. His life always seems to turn tragic too. Beware: he gets cuter in the 2nd season. His nose is pointy too.

NOW, if you really want to watch this show, I suggest having a love for political dramas and not being too conservative about watching a ton of sex scenes, seeing male and female genitalia, and seeing very gruesome scenes (like a man getting his hands or his penis cut off).

Fun Fact: Even though Netflix says that this is a Netflix Original, it’s really not. It was a show that originally came out in Europe, and Netflix just started showing it recently. Why did Netflix lie to me? I may never know.

I give this a 3/5 just because the story line can get a little boring at times and the acting is sometimes awkward.



Happy Binging guys!

XOXO Sarah Hocott


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