House of Cards: You’ll Never Trust the Government Again

Okay, so I’m going to tell you the truth, my lovely bingers. I did not get to finish my show that I was watching this week. I took on the task of watching Borgia, but I feel like I haven’t watched enough of it to do it justice in my blog. Consequently, I am going to write my blog on a series I finished at the end of this summer, and I HIGHLY recommend it to any binger.

House of Cards currently has 4 seasons with 13 episodes each. Each episode is an hour long, and they are worth every minute. I won’t lie though, it starts out a little slow. I personally have never been involved with politics, so I literally had no idea what was going on, but after some googling to understand the political lingo they used, I was good to go.

The show stars one of my favorite men, Kevin Spacey. If you don’t know who he is, well I’m just sorry. This show will definitely make him your role model though (in a weird, sadistic way.)

This is the wonderful man that is Kevin Spacey. He is my all-time fave actor besides for Morgan Freeman.

I’m not kidding. After watching this show, you’ll fall in love with how crazy and power hungry he is! Or maybe that’s just me? Some of y’all might hate him and how horrible of a person he is, but by George he’s good at being horrible. He’s also pretty amazing at getting away with it lol! I mean, what person can kill people, be very high in the political system, AND get away with it?

Spacey plays a man named Francis “Frank” Underwood, a Democrat form South Carolina and the House of Representative’s Majority Whip (I had to google that because I had no idea what that was.) His job was basically to enforce the party’s rules and make sure people show up when votes were taken (either by bribery or force). He’s very smart, very well composed, and the audience has the chance to pick his brain because Frank has moments when he’s talking to the watcher directly in sidebars. So that’s pretty different in a good way.


Francis is a ruthless man that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The show starts out during an election, and he is passed over to be Secretary of State (what Clinton is now.) Consequently, him and his wife Claire Underwood plot to basically unseat everyone they can until Frank becomes President.

I don’t want to ruin what happens, but the show involves back door agreements, murder, backstabbery (a LOT of it), and blackmail. I’ll be honest, political dramas have never been my thing, but this series has definitely changed my mind, and I can’t wait for season 5! Will Frank be elected President? Or will the Republican’s candidate beat him out for it? How will Frank handle the current terrorist situation (the Islamic Caliphate Organization is the show’s version of ISIS.)

I do want to point out that no one in this show is directly related or in reference to any characters that are currently in the government; however, I just want to point out that the Secretary of State reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton lol.

Tell me she doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton (and she’s a Democrat lol)

In the end, it’s really hard to describe the greatness of this show because it’s just so hard to explain. Everything is so interrelated and connected (not in the “I’m married to my cousin.” way.) You really just have to watch it to fully understand.

In my rating on Netflix, I gave it 5 stars because the acting is incredible, the story line goes so well, and everything just comes together. However, I will say that Clair and Francis have THE strangest marriage ever… I still don’t get it…. and I probably never will.

That’s all for now my Bingers!

Binge on!

XOXO Sarah Hocott



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