Kimmy Schmidt…. “Dammit!”

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Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt

Okay, so for the past week and a half I have become sucked into the world that is Kimmy Schmidt. I mean who doesn’t love Ellie Kemper in all of her roles? If she looks familiar, it’s probably because you’re also a massive “The Office” fan as well.

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Remember this face? Yeah, that’s Erin from “The Office.” She’s the cooky receptionist that replaces Pam. Yeah. She’s awesome.

Let me also add that this is produced by Tina Fey…. so there’s that.

Anyways, so for her new show, she takes on another cooky and clueless role as a “mole woman.” Yes, I typed that right. She is a mole woman.

And by mole woman, I mean that her and a few other women were kidnapped by an insane pastor in Indiana that convinced them that the world had ended and forced them to live in a bunker for 15 years. Yeah, it’s that kind of crazy show.

So, Kimmy is this woman that is finally released from the bunker and decides to live in New York. I mean, what could go wrong when a clueless woman that’s lived underground for 15 years decides to live in New York City?

The obvious answer: EVERYTHING.

Kimmy soon realizes that she knows nothing about the modern world. Common things like using a phone, taking photos, driving, and cooking are a complicated task for her. At one point, she even goes back to school to get her GED (yay Kimmy!)

I think what makes this show so great is the fact that she ends up living with a gay, black, Broadway obsessed guy named Titus Andromedon  who is broke. But she lives in his closet… so there’s that. She also ends up finding a job as a nanny for a ridiculously rich billionaire mother with two spoiled children. It all kind of happens on accident though because Kimmy sees the little boy steal something and takes him home. The mom, being a clueless rich housewife, thinks she’s the new nanny.

Xanthippe (Zan-thip-pee)  is  the daughter’s name. Trust me, it’s normal for this show.

The amount of memes and gifs that I could include in this blog post could possibly keep me entertained for hours, but I’ll save you from that horror.

So what’s the big deal about this show? Why is it so enthralling and so addicting? Why did I choose it?

Well, when I took on the task of creating this blog, I knew that I would be spending quite some time binging tv shows, so why not start with the easiest one, the 30 minute episode show with only two seasons?

What I didn’t realize is that I was once again opening myself up to the cult that is Kimmy Schmidt (lol! Ironic because Kimmy was part of a cult church…) The humor is so stupid that you can’t help but laugh about everything. Even when horrible things happen (no one has died), you still laugh because what they see as horrible in the show is actually humorous.

I don’t want to give too many details about the show away, but I’ll give you a quick example. In one episode, Titus puts his and Kimmy’s apartment on Air Bnb. It’s an app where you can find places to stay for really cheap, but they are in people’s houses or extra apartments, etc. So these hipsters come and stay in the apartment and end up wanting to turn the part of town that they live in into a hipster neighborhood. No surprise, Titus and the landlord lady don’t like this, so they end up advertising the neighborhood to as many hipsters as they can to make them leave (because hipsters want to be the first people to do things and if it’s already a thing, it can’t be their thing… if that makes any sense?)

This more or less sums up that episode. 

I just can’t express my joy with watching this show. Since they are 30 minute episodes, it’s a pretty quick binge, but it’s totally worth it if you have the time. It’s definitely on par with the Office and Parks and Rec; however, I don’t think anyone will ever quite match the woman that is Leslie Knope, but I do believe that Kimmy Schmidt comes in a very close second.

If you want just a quick look into the show, I’ve added the opening sequence below. Feel free to watch it and get a good kick out of it. You’ll also understand why I added the word “Dammit” to the title. 🙂

I definitely rated this show 5 stars on Netflix. ❤


4 thoughts on “Kimmy Schmidt…. “Dammit!”

  1. I love Ellie Kemper, she definitely nails all of her roles and never fails to make me laugh. I think the first time I ever saw her on screen was when she was in Bridesmaids, shortly after I started watching The Office and she just so happened to be in that show as well. I will definitely look into watching this show, I am currently binge watching Greys Anatomy(my girlfriend got me hooked) so it might be a while before I start watching this show.

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