Who Are You? Who Am I?

Hi folks!

Well, if you can’t tell by the title or the meme, this post is going to revolve mainly around who I am and what this blog is about.

I was born on August 24th, 1995 (just turned 21 last Wednesday #TurnUp). I’m from Greenwood, AR where football is literally life. I’m a die hard Razorback, Dallas Cowboy, and Cubs fan. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook during games, I’m just apologizing now. I live with both of my parents, my brother, and my dog Snickers when I’m not at school here.

I’m part of the Honors College here at UCA, and I’m majoring in Marketing. Funny story – I came to UCA a die hard biology fan. I was studying marine biology, wanted to go to grad school in Florida, play with dolphins, and then I realized I sucked at science, so I decided I wanted to do something with business. That’s when I realized that social media marketing was a thing, so that is now my major!

I’m a member of Sigma Phi Lambda here on campus, and I serve as the Secretary on the Exec Board. I’m a member of the LEAD team, Presidents Leadership Fellows, Sigma Alpha Lambda, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, and I joined Student Congress last year. Overall, I’m a pretty busy person, but somehow I’ve found enough time in my schedule to still sleep, eat food, and watch Netflix.

With that being said, if you haven’t guessed already, my blog is focusing around Netflix. Of course this seems so stereotypical, but as a college student, this has to be one of the most important past times to me and probably most of y’all as well (yes, I do use “y’all” in my writing.)

Because it’s become such a huge part of our culture and daily lives, I’ve decided to make this blog all about reviewing Netflix Original series. So if you’re reading this and wanting to know about things such as Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, etc., you won’t find that here. This is all about Netflix’s break into the movie and tv sector.

But why am I doing Originals? Well, I feel like not enough people know about the amazingness that comes with Netflix Original movies and tv shows. Of course there are series such as Stranger Things that have broken that stereotype, but what about the others that not many people talk about?

That’s my goal. This semester, I’m going to take it upon myself to binge on a different tv series or movie each week so that I can bring you my personal takes on them. Maybe my posts will interest you enough to take it upon yourself to watch them as well?

So, now that you know, I shall bid you adieu (“Godspeed” in French.)

Have a wonderful week, and happy binging!

The Binge Logo
P.S. Yes, I created this graphic myself because I’m a nerd with  Photoshop. ❤


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